Travis Albert 
Memorial Scholarship

Travis goes where we go, Always.

"Travis goes where we go, Always."

       At the very young age of 4, Travis Albert began having seizures. It took several years for the Doctors to provide us with the heart wrenching diagnosis of “Batten Disease”, a rare neurodegenerative disease. Travis lost his battle with this disease when he was only 13 years old. Almost 10 years of Travis’ life were spent fighting this debilitating disease, but not without the continued love and support of his family and friends. Herein lies the reason for a Scholarship Trust; to carry on his memory and to give back some of what was given to Travis so generously.

     We presented the first scholarship in the year “2011”. This is the year Travis would have graduated from high school and it is our dream to continue this tradition every year thereafter with a self-sustaining fund. Travis taught us all that “Quality of Life” is what is most important and to always “Hope & Believe”. And so, as we always kept to our words when Travis was with us, we will always keep to our words now.